Saturday, August 17, 2013

Meeting Five
Attendance: Jacob, Nate
Time: 120 Minutes

we started off this meeting by looking over some CAD parts that we had been working on.  We then started on what was to be the main focus of this meeting, to finish up the Rockler bearing.  we had just cleaned out the excess grease during the last meeting.  We decided to use WD40 as a lubricant and place the bears back in the metal rings.  While this did improve the amount of "spin" that the bearing achieved it was painfully noisy.  we gave in an ordered the acetal bearings and got ahold of a can of the teflon spray needed.  we also marked out exactly what needs to be drilled next week on the drill press.

We then decided to move onto the electrical components of R2D2.  Previously Jacob came up with a printed circuit board in order to control an 8x8 led matrix.  This was done to get some practice before creating the 5x8 matrices that are used for the small logic displays.  Jacob gave a short tutorial to Nate on how to solder and the printed circuit board was completed

an hour later.

After this was done Jacob ran across a youtube video of a budget way of controlling the lighting in the small logic displays.


Saturday, August 3, 2013

Other Small Projects

I was recently given a box of old electronic components (its like giving candy to a kid).  With all the endless possibilities to go through i stumbled across some old disposable cameras, and what better to do with old disposable cameras than to make...... A taser!

A simple concept of being able to charge up the capacitor on the board around redirecting the current away from the flash mechanism.  However unlike most taser projects online i made mine a little more unique and user friendly.  by keeping the flash component of the camera on the board and adding in a toggle switch i can choose to quickly discharge the taser and creating a blinding flash.  It was a short lived project and probably only got two days of use before it was thrown back into the electronics box, but what a great two days it was.