Sunday, August 31, 2014

Marquette Senior Design

With the school year starting back up a group of seniors have come together to work on our senior design project.  tying in with this R2D2 Project my team will be working on  voice control and a pneumatic system which will be used for the CPU arm.  In the mean time a few new members have been added to our group for this project. Our senior design project while not directly related to R2, will hopefully be modified and used internally at a later point in time.

Here is the new project group members

Jacob Osborne- Head of Project- Mechatronics
Nate Zastrow-Mechanical Engineer
Andrew Peterson-Mechanical Engineer
Randy Neu- Electrical Engineer
Marcus Evans- Biocomputing

Team Photo from left to right
Nate, Andrew, Jacob, Randy, Marcus


Friday, August 15, 2014

Door Skin for R2D2

The last part of the skins are being attached and drying as I speak.  With the school year starting back up, project updates will be more scarce due to allocation of time.  Updates will consist of lists of smaller things that have been accomplished since any previous updates and will not go as in depth.