Sunday, August 31, 2014

Marquette Senior Design

With the school year starting back up a group of seniors have come together to work on our senior design project.  tying in with this R2D2 Project my team will be working on  voice control and a pneumatic system which will be used for the CPU arm.  In the mean time a few new members have been added to our group for this project.

Here is the new project group members

Jacob Osborne- Head of Project- Mechatronics
Nate Zastrow-Mechanical Engineer
Andrew Peterson-Mechanical Engineer
Randy Neu- Electrical Engineer
Marcus Evans- Biocomputing

Team Photo from left to right
Nate, Andrew, Jacob, Randy, Marcus


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Expense Chart Updated

after a long time of putting it off, the expense chart has been updated and added in through a google sheets document.  As of right now $1400 has been spent on R2D2 however around some of this was parent donations as well as items that are being used for other things alongside R2D2.  You can find the link to the expense chart at the bottom of the main screen of this blog.


Sunday, July 27, 2014

Senior Design

After talking with my professor for Senior Design, my work on R2D2 has been approved.  I will be able to form a small team in order to work on two subsystems that will work inside of R2.  This projects as of now include a voice control system (being modified from the hasbro toy) and a pneumatic system that will run the CPU arm and the light saber launcher from the dome.  As for the rest of the the R2D2 i will continue to work on it with help from my friend Nate during our spare time.


Saturday, July 26, 2014

Painting Some Parts

Took some time this week to carefully paint some of the painted CAD parts and give them the blue detailing.  using the same Ford Blue spray paint i sprayed the paint in a small cup and use a paint brush to carefully apply the paint to the necessary areas.  A few weeks ago i took a sample part and attempted to color match the paint at a few local hardware stores but did not have any success.  The parts ended up turning out very nice and will look good on the finished frame.  The utility arms needed a second coat of paint after the blue spray paint ran out half way through the first coat some time ago.  Also the new front vents received a few coats of the the silver paint and are ready to be added back into the skins.

Finished Utility Arms

Painted Coin Slot

Painted Pocket Vents

Painted Power Coupling and Ankle Details

Painted Side Vents

Painted Front Upper and Lower Vents


Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sanding With A Working Dremel

Now that we have a working rotary tool we are able to get the final touches on a few different parts.  Through out this week i was able to do some sanding on the legs in order to get the layers of wood and flush as possible.  During the original manufacturing process there were a few areas that once lined up did not match the rest of the legs.  Due to tracing and then cutting out the legs with a vertical band-saw the tolerances were less than adequate...  With this issue now fixed the legs can no be "skined" with styrene similar to what was done with the frame.

Finished Legs

Fixed Area of Legs


Friday, July 4, 2014

Fourth of July

Got a chance to go to a few hardware stores today.  Picked up my dome bumps at Lowes as well as some rotary tool accessories and some new tips so that the rotary tool can be used again.  Just as a recap the tip inside the rotary tool that i bought earlier this year was to small for any standard bits.  Now that we have the rotary tool up and running again we can finish off the dome and touch up on multiple areas of our droid!


Friday, June 27, 2014

New CAD Parts and Skins Attached

just a quick update our CAD parts we sent off as a work order in the machine shop finally were completed. The front vents were remade due to the makerbot making poor quality prints and under sizing of the vents to the point where they did not fit properly.  Throughout this week the back skins were slowly attached to avoid any mistakes.  Again we ran into a small problem where the original skins where slightly shifted when they were drying in place which caused the new skins to do the same.  This issue was fixed with a little sanding and eventually will be fully fixed when a new CAD piece will be inserted.


Front Vents and Octagon Port