Saturday, May 30, 2015

Project Put on Hold

R2D2 is currently being put on hold post graduation.  I am currently looking for an entry level position and R2 is being stored in a storage locker until I have a place to go.  While the project has taken a lot more time that i initially expected due to having to take so many breaks, I can not wait to for the chance to start working on my creation again!  Will update the blog again once this break is over.


Thursday, January 1, 2015

Still on Break

I am very sorry that no updates have been occurring between senior year in college, senior design, lab research and working as a teaching assistant, i have had no time to work on my R2D2.  I am hoping after this semesters midterms that i will have more time to finally work on R2D2 again.  Here are some of my plans of action once i get started again.

*Order/Make the footshells
     -Once this is done the legs can be mounted and i will have a standing unit

*Finish skinning the legs
     -The last place we left off was finishing the construction of the wooded legs, these still need to be skinned in a thin sheet of styrene

I hope to provide more updates in the near future, until then, may the force be with you.


Friday, September 19, 2014


School year has been a bit more hectic than i initially expected.  I recently contacted the company Musumi and obtained a sponsorship for my work on my Senior Design Project working on R2 voice control (CPU Arm mostly)  Since most of this work has been paper work there is not much i can show my readers in terms of progress or pictures.  Hopefully ill have some pictures of R2D2 for everyone soon!


Sunday, August 31, 2014

Marquette Senior Design

With the school year starting back up a group of seniors have come together to work on our senior design project.  tying in with this R2D2 Project my team will be working on  voice control and a pneumatic system which will be used for the CPU arm.  In the mean time a few new members have been added to our group for this project. Our senior design project while not directly related to R2, will hopefully be modified and used internally at a later point in time.

Here is the new project group members

Jacob Osborne- Head of Project- Mechatronics
Nate Zastrow-Mechanical Engineer
Andrew Peterson-Mechanical Engineer
Randy Neu- Electrical Engineer
Marcus Evans- Biocomputing

Team Photo from left to right
Nate, Andrew, Jacob, Randy, Marcus


Friday, August 15, 2014

Door Skin for R2D2

The last part of the skins are being attached and drying as I speak.  With the school year starting back up, project updates will be more scarce due to allocation of time.  Updates will consist of lists of smaller things that have been accomplished since any previous updates and will not go as in depth.


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Expense Chart Updated

after a long time of putting it off, the expense chart has been updated and added in through a google sheets document.  As of right now $1400 has been spent on R2D2 however around some of this was parent donations as well as items that are being used for other things alongside R2D2.  You can find the link to the expense chart at the bottom of the main screen of this blog.


Sunday, July 27, 2014

Senior Design

After talking with my professor for Senior Design, my work on R2D2 has been approved.  I will be able to form a small team in order to work on two subsystems that will work inside of R2.  This projects as of now include a voice control system (being modified from the hasbro toy) and a pneumatic system that will run the CPU arm and the light saber launcher from the dome.  As for the rest of the the R2D2 i will continue to work on it with help from my friend Nate during our spare time.