Friday, June 27, 2014

New CAD Parts and Skins Attached

just a quick update our CAD parts we sent off as a work order in the machine shop finally were completed. The front vents were remade due to the makerbot making poor quality prints and under sizing of the vents to the point where they did not fit properly.  Throughout this week the back skins were slowly attached to avoid any mistakes.  Again we ran into a small problem where the original skins where slightly shifted when they were drying in place which caused the new skins to do the same.  This issue was fixed with a little sanding and eventually will be fully fixed when a new CAD piece will be inserted.


Front Vents and Octagon Port

Cleaning up the skins

not much was done this week.  With my family coming up to visit all the was able to get done was a little bit of cleaning by Nate and myself.  Taking some nail polish remover and some q-tips the skins where thoroughly cleaned from any surface defects that might have occured


Friday, June 20, 2014

Fixing Things Up

After our mistake with the skins some time was spend re-positioning the door on the frame in order to fit the skins correctly.  Along with this more sanding work was done to keep the skins flush to the wood.  The issue with the gas pipe assembly being off center is still present, however a feel ideas have been jotted down to fix this issue.

Dry fit skin test (hole is off center)

Door test fitting

Monday, June 9, 2014

Ran into a few more problems

well with the quick meeting today we were meant to attach the second half of the skins.  as we dry fit the skins to R2D2, we noticed that the holes that were previously drilled for the gas pipe are not perfectly center between the two parts of the circle.  It turns out the original skins were slightly shifted during the drying phase, making the hole not center.  This is a fairly big issue due to the unbalanced rotation as r2d2 switches between 2 and 3 legs.  On another note we found out we installed the door wrong, matching it up with the top of the frame, when it should have been matched up with the bottom.  Just to make sure the door will be sanded and moved to make sure the skins fit perfectly.  The good part is, it is all a learning experience and it is an opportunity to learn from our mistakes.


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Post Vacation Meeting

Meeting #:
June 4th 2014
Attendance: Jacob
Length: 120 Minutes

Since i got back into town today after a little vacation of makers faire and visiting the family, I decided to come into the shop today to work a little bit on R2D2.  First thing i did is checked to see if those CAD parts that i sent in during finals week were done, the order got misplaced so unfortunately i will be waiting a bit longer for those.  The staff is also cleaning out  all of the storage spaces so there is not as much room to work today.  What i did manage to accomplish though is drill 2 holes in the utility arms, getting some 3/16th in metal dowels and drilling 1 of the 2 holes in the side of R2D2 for the gas pipe for the legs.  Again i ran into a problem where the hole saw that i was going to use for the gas pipe is a bit to big for the power drills that we have.  I will probably end up using a spade bit to get the correct size hole needed tomorrow.


1 1/8th in hole saw, have a flange to install for 1 1/16th pipe

3/16th in shaft on utility arm, good press fit.