Sunday, May 4, 2014

Finals Week and Updates

Meeting #:
May 4th 2014
Attendance: Jacob
Length: Multiple Days, No Set Length

During some free time during finals week and a good portion of the week after finals a bit of work has been done on r2d2.  some test fitting of parts inside the styrene skins, a lot of detail work of applying jb weld to the inner seams of the styrene skins as well as a lot of clean up work taking some acetone and getting rid of any unwanted mess that might have got on r2d2's skins (some jb weld)  the 2 should hubs got a coat of primer as well before being painted there natural silver color later on.  On another note, being probably one of the last builders to realize this the couple parts that are on thingverse are not to dimension.  i send in a work order for some new redone CAD pieces to get printed, will update with new pictures when available.

on another note we will be at the California bay area makers fair coming up May 17th and 18th.  Hopefully this will give us a good opportunity to talk to other builders and gets some tips on building our r2d2.

Frame test fitting coin slot and power coupling

primed shoulder hubs

JB weld on inner seams for more support

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