Saturday, July 26, 2014

Painting Some Parts

Took some time this week to carefully paint some of the painted CAD parts and give them the blue detailing.  using the same Ford Blue spray paint i sprayed the paint in a small cup and use a paint brush to carefully apply the paint to the necessary areas.  A few weeks ago i took a sample part and attempted to color match the paint at a few local hardware stores but did not have any success.  The parts ended up turning out very nice and will look good on the finished frame.  The utility arms needed a second coat of paint after the blue spray paint ran out half way through the first coat some time ago.  Also the new front vents received a few coats of the the silver paint and are ready to be added back into the skins.

Finished Utility Arms

Painted Coin Slot

Painted Pocket Vents

Painted Power Coupling and Ankle Details

Painted Side Vents

Painted Front Upper and Lower Vents


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