Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Plunger and Coin return working

After a lot of cleaning i was able to get all the mechanical parts working.  The buildup of rust causes a lot of components to stick.  I believe this is what causes one of the motors to burn out.  The motor has been replaced with a spare that i had picked up the other day and seems to be working fine.  The coin return button originally was not working as well due to rust buildup.  If you would press the button the shaft would get stuck.  This was filed down and polished as well as the internal coin sorting mechanism (would separate different coins/tokens via a counterweight) to get them in working order.  There were similar issues with the plunger.  The spring was corroded and the shaft was rusted and getting stuck.  While i fixed the shaft i had to order a new compression spring along with a new power source, extra balls and some relays to replace some that were burnt out.

EDIT: by the end of the night i was able to get some of system lights on, getting closer every day!


Fixed Coin Return

Fixed Plunger With Old Spring

System Lights

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