Thursday, September 10, 2015

Lights are on and we can start playing!

A lot of work was done today.  After replacing the power supply and checking all the fuses and replacing any that were burnt out, i found a lot of areas in the electronics that the previous owner seem to try to fix and just made things worse.  I found wrong fuses inserted into the system, incorrect and unsafe wiring and multiple bad components as i worked my way through the system schematic.  after a  lot of soldering, rewiring and replacing components the system now turns on and is in a playable condition.  The system still seems to short out occasionally and there are some other improvements still to make.  I found out that the system is shorting out due to the pads on the relays not making a good connection.  I did not know much about relays so i spent a few hours understanding how they work and there function within the system.  after manually resetting the lock and credit relays i was able to get the game back in a working order.  I will need to clean up all these connection points (close to 200) to avoid any further issues.  As for future improvements, the left flipper is not working at 100%, there are still a few lights out that are not due to the bulb itself, and 2 player mode does not register.  It was a very productive day, i never would have guessed that in just 3 days of work i would already have a "working" system.


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