Saturday, July 13, 2013

Meeting #4
July 6th 2013
Duration: 150 Minutes
Attendance: Jacob, Nate

Jacob and Nate got together to go over what we have discovered about led matrices.  We figured out what we would need and designed a printed circuit board and gathered all the components in order to create one of the small logic displays.  After this we took apart our Rockler Lazy Susan bearing, cleaned out all the grease and prepared it for drilling to start the process of getting the dome mounted. Looking back on this i really should have worn gloves... At the end of the meeting the 1:1 scale blueprints for R2D2's legs were sent off to the poster printer to have a scale blueprint to trace out instead of redrawing them out.


Two halves of Rockler bearing
Rockler after being cleaned and polished

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