Sunday, July 7, 2013

Timeline of Events

Timeline of events pre-blog

September-October 2012
Much talk of this project had been taking place between Jacob, Bob and Nate however no actions were put into place until the beginning of October when our journey began.

First Meeting: October 2nd-3rd 2012
Attendance: Jacob, Bob
Time: 90 Minutes each day
Objective: Sand/clean up wood and Dry Fit

The first part of the R2D2 has come in, during this meeting we unboxed and dry assembled the frame for the first time.  the next day we sanded down each part to get a smooth fit and kept the frame assemble in our project locker.  We were missing a piece to our back door and we received a replacement part 3 months later.

Un-assembled parts

"Second Meeting" October 2012-May 2013
Attendance: N/A
Time: N/A
Objective: Fit in any work possible during classes as engineers!

As classes became more challenging our project was put on a temporary freeze.  during this time Jacob gathered supplies and materials but no formal meetings had occurred.  A lot of individual work was done during this time frame designing over 50 different CAD Parts for later use thanks to Jacob and Nate.

First 3d Printed Part - Utility Arms
Using UGS NX7.5 we used the blueprints from the yahoo builders group to create a CAD model of the utility arms and print them out at Marquette's Engineering workshop or the DLC (Discovery Learning Center)
Utility Arms Printed in ABS

Vacuum Formed Skirt
Using the Blueprints on the yahoo builders group we created a styrene mold in our schools vacuum mold machine.

2 Pittman Motors We picked up on 
Jacob Bought These off a fellow member on the astromech forums, the one that currently has a mounting plate and a belt wheel will be used to drive the dome.

A&A Gear Set we ordered
Jacob Bought a A&A Plastic Gear set to go along with the Rockler Lazy Susan bearing that was purchased.

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