Saturday, September 28, 2013

Meeting #7
Duration: 180 Minutes each day
Attendance: Jacob, Nate

During this meeting we finished up the rockler bearing that we started two weeks ago.  After finally getting our Teflon spray and we once again cleaned out the bearing, sprayed on a coat of Teflon and put the bearing back together. During this process we took advantage of the bearing being apart and we marked/drilled/countersunk the necessary holes in the frame as well as the bearing.  That Sunday the 28th we went to our local hardware store to pick up the washers, bolts and nuts needed to mount our bearing.  After a dumb oversight of getting the wrong heads on the bolts by myself, we finally got everything mounted.  The bearing was much more quiet and spun more freely making close to a full revolution before coming to a stop.


*pictures to come soon*

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