Saturday, September 28, 2013

Misc Updates

Well this one is not as formal as the rest of my meeting posts but here are some the of the Misc things that have been worked on between all these gaps.

LED budget display
after finding a youtube video of a R2D2 Builders Group member using a led belt buckle when designing his logical displays i decided to copy his idea from the front logic displays.  This takes away one less thing to worry about when doing the electrical components and programming later on.

3D Printed Parts
A lot of work has been done.  Between July and August all the C.A.D models have been finished and all that remains is the printing process.  We are able to print off one part every 3 days or so so this might take awhile.  so far we have the coin slots, side vents and pocket vents printed off (as well as the CPU arms from earlier)

While no painting has been done yet, we did some paint testing using plastic cups (thanks to the people on R2D2 Builders Group for the suggestions) and decided to use Eastwood Almost Chrome for our silver/grey colors on the dome and for our blue we are using Dupli-Color Sonic Blue Pearl BFM0378.

In the mean time i have been helping out teaching some more S.T.E.M classes involving soldering/programing and some good old Lego Mindstorms.  Speaking of Lego Mindstorms, as the F.I.R.S.T First Technical Challenge comes along this year i might be a little busy being a mentor for a local highschool.


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