Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Post Vacation Meeting

Meeting #:
June 4th 2014
Attendance: Jacob
Length: 120 Minutes

Since i got back into town today after a little vacation of makers faire and visiting the family, I decided to come into the shop today to work a little bit on R2D2.  First thing i did is checked to see if those CAD parts that i sent in during finals week were done, the order got misplaced so unfortunately i will be waiting a bit longer for those.  The staff is also cleaning out  all of the storage spaces so there is not as much room to work today.  What i did manage to accomplish though is drill 2 holes in the utility arms, getting some 3/16th in metal dowels and drilling 1 of the 2 holes in the side of R2D2 for the gas pipe for the legs.  Again i ran into a problem where the hole saw that i was going to use for the gas pipe is a bit to big for the power drills that we have.  I will probably end up using a spade bit to get the correct size hole needed tomorrow.


1 1/8th in hole saw, have a flange to install for 1 1/16th pipe

3/16th in shaft on utility arm, good press fit.

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